You may have seen the Texting While Driving public service announcement (PSA) from Wales. If you haven't seen it, your teen probably has. The PSA clip has nearly 5 million views, almost 900 blog posts and has been tweeted over 2,200 times. Seventeen duplicate videos are available for viewing. All this with zero promotion by the video's producers a small county police hands free department in southeast Wales.

You can learn more about driving while distracted and ways to keep yourself safe on the road. Find out what Americans thought about driving while distracted in a recent survey by Nationwide Insurance. You can also review these Hands free equipment statistics.

We do not know if it is the words that have the knowledge, though we know that most knowledge is transferred through words. Yet knowledge is not contained in words. If it is in the spoken words then how dumb and sound through the tongue communicate? If is in written words, the how an illiterate person like Kabir became so a Sufi poet and one of the greatest philosopher, India even had. If it is it by observation, then how a blind person like Surdas became a poet and a saint?. If is inborn, how Einstein and Newton's parents were so ordinary.

Being a mom and on the go, I found something that I use daily that could also cause hearing problems. That handy little hands free device that I stick in my ear so that I can drive safely while talking on the phone. Think about it, with the road noise, the children in the backseat, and whatever else is going on, your hand is probably like mine and reaches for that volume button multiple times. This may be damaging your hearing, as the volume on these little things we thought were miracles can, just as easily as earbuds, reach a decibel unsafe for reoccurring use.

Overall, the Garmin nuvi 255w is great for navigating in metropolitan areas help with hearing complex road systems. It is also wonderful to use it on a long road trip. UPS drivers and commercial truck drivers have been using GPS for years. Having a GPS system in a passenger car used to cost several thousand dollars. Now you can get one of these portable devices for around $100.