Who May Easily Start A Good Solid Mobile Disc-Jockey Business?

posted on 01 Jul 2015 11:35 by michael1979
Of all the music platforms available today - music channels on cable, downloads from websites, CDs - getting your music played on the radio is still arguably the best way to gain fans and get your songs known. But digital technology has changed radio. In addition to AM and FM there are now digital radio stations. While the ultimate goal is to get your music played on Top 40 stations, there are other ways to get your music played on the radio.

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While we think there will hytera radio always be a market for physical media and the recent rise of dead technology vinyl has proved that music shops had better start looking at their business models. Either go niche, or get into digital media right now.

A hyt radio run with batteries as well as an extra set of batteries is something else you want to keep on hand. One thing with a hurricane hitting dead on...you never know what can happen so prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

Privacy Codes. This is particularly important in urban survival situations because you don't want others to overhear you saying something like, "I'm going to go dig up the food I buried in the woods behind our house." People will still be able to tune into your channel, but your voice will be scrambled and unintelligible. A radio with 20 channels and 100 privacy codes would provide up to 2000 channel options.

The audio system in the car features a Bang & Olufsen sound system with well placed speakers and Digital Signal Processing that is used to support digital hytera and audio signals at their highest quality levels. Bang & Olufsen are a top audio product maker.